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Product Name:Post-natal girdles
Model No:HJ-015
Categories:Lumbar supports
Retail Price:
Size:S     M     L     XL     
Product Description  
Product Standard: YZB/ZH1210-2012

This product is made of Soft and elastic material with adjustable Velcro to fit waist snugly and give proper compression for the belly. It is ideal to keep good shape, and for postoperative partum care.  Prolong wearing can improve blood circulation, retains body heat, provides a sauna effect to accelerate fat loss.

 - For post-operative wear
 - Front adjustable velcro closure
 - Elastic construction with hook loop closure
 - keep warm comfortable

Small:70-80cm / 2.1-2.4尺/27.5-31.5"
Medium:80-95cm / 2.4 - 2.9尺/31.5-37.5"
Large:90-105cm / 2.7 - 3.15尺/35.5-41.5"
X-Large:100-120cm / 3.0-3.6尺/39.5-47.25"
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