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Product Name:Lumbar Vertebra Traction
Model No:YZQ-III
Categories:Vertebra Traction
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Size:S     M     L     XL     
Product Description  

Product Standard: YZB/ZH1173-2012

This traction treatment for lumbar vertebra sufferers as slipped disc.

Home, bone-wound department in hospital, physical therapy department, healing department, clinics, etc.

Lumbar retractor is one of the effective Chinese medicine treatments to cure the pains of waist shoulder numbness of hs feet which caused by a slipped disc. This product adopts "the ratchet wheel lever principle". It achieves the traction effect by the erforce of bodies weight tonicity. You can let the inconvenience of going to a hospital go away do the traction treatment easily at home.

1. No need of heavy items hanged or any power devices. 
2. The product is legerity, detachable, portable, safe, convenience it is very suitable for family use.
3. The power of the traction is controlled by the users. It adapts to different symptomatic dems makes the traction treatment more pertinence the effect better. 
4. The ergometer can show the traction power. 


Traction power  0-50 kg
Stroke  0-300 mm
Fixed method  Bracket
Net weight  1.2 kg
Packing size  260x190x55mm
Specification   S/M/L/XL
Accessories Chest waist belt

Measure around the waist

S:70-0cm / 27.5-31.5"

M:80-95cm / 31.5-37.5"

L:90-105cm / 35.5-41.5"

XL:100-120cm / 39.5-47.25"

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