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New Product Launched !A Neck Collar That Stretches your Neck
来源:本站   发布时间:2012年11月05日   【打印】【关闭】

A Neck Collar That Stretches your Neck

  • - Use for Effective Daily Treatment of Neck Pain, Stiff Neck, Headaches and Other Neck Symptoms.
  • - Use it while on the computer, watching television or at work.
  • - Fastens easily with buckles.
  • - The Siwei Trac-Collar has a special design provides anatomically correct neck traction.
  • - Provides up to 22 lbs of continuous neck traction.
  • - Light and simple enough to use while traveling.
  • - The Siwei Trac-Collar requires no assembly, no water bag, no batteries, no cables, no levers.
  • - Simple to use-encourages regular use by the patient at home or daily work, helping to break the chronic pain cycle.
  • - Comfortably supports head and neck in the proper natural curve of the cervical spine.

What makes Siwei Neck Traction Collar Special and Unique?

Doing Traction in Your Daily Life
Doing traction directly in your home or daily life can help a patient to heal comfortably and continually, aids patients resuming normal work and social activities. The Traction power of is a patient-controlled with a dynamometer. The siwei neck traction collar can be used anywhere: sitting, watching TV, at the office, on the computer, at home- it does not require assembly or batteries.

An Effective and Unique Way to Solve Cervical Vertebra Disease
Two-section design - One section stabilizes the occipit, while the other exerts counterforce against the patient's shoulders. The special design of the Siwei Traction-Collar supports the natural curvature of the cervical spine during treatment. The both sides before and after can be traction separately which means you can increase and decrease traction on both sides of the neck separately allowing you to account for different neck postures such as a head tilt. It also can be use as a normal cervical collar to immobilize and stabilize the neck after a cervical fracture.

Easy to transport,Simple to Use for Fast neck pain relief
This Siwei Neck Traction Collar can be used for therapeutic traction while daily life. This neck traction inflate with the unique feature to stretch independently from front and back, Feel your neck muscles stretching out and pressure being taken off of the cervical nerves. Use for comfortable effective daily treatment. The Siwei Neck Traction Collar easily fastens with buckles and easy for transport. 

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